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Message for Muslims Trust Vision Statement

The object of the Trust is to advance the cause of the Protestant Christian religion in accordance with the doctrine of the acceptance of the Bible in its entirety as being the Word of God and the only basis of Christian Faith and practice and a personal trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and his atoning sacrifice as the ground of salvation.

The aims of the Message for Muslims Trust

1) To publish and republish Christian literature and other Christian material such as tapes, videos, DVDs and CD’s to equip the Church primarily for the evangelisation of Muslims.

The Trust aims to reprint classic unobtainable works on Islam which shed such light on Islam which is not always found in modern works on the subject. The Trust also prints new literature on Islam with the intention of becoming a valuable source to help individuals, Bible Colleges and the Church in their profession of Christ to Muslims.

2) The Trust recognizes the sober fact that more and more Christian Missionaries are coming from the Far East, Asia and Western and Southern Africa. TMFMT seeks to work with them and provide individuals, Bible Colleges and Missionary Agencies with their publications at cost price.

3) The Trust also recognizes that Islamic propagation literature has vastly improved over the past decade both in content and presentation and so it seeks to equip believers respond to respond to this material.

4) The Trust is concerned over the nature of some modern Christian apologetic material and so seeks once again to bring to the notice of the Christian community the unfashionable yet classic approach of the works of the old masters on this subject.

5) The Trust invites Muslim readers to consider our literature and profitable explore the wonderful Christian life.

History of The Message for Muslims Trust

TMFMT was brought into existence to meet the need of bringing older classical Christian works to the attention of a new generation. Although some of the old works on Islam were deemed most valuable to anyone seeking to bring the gospel to Muslims no publisher would print such titles because of the likelihood of facing financial losses.

In 1977 an original founder member of the Trust was approached by FFM North America to reprint “The Gospel of God “by Herbert Spencer, a former Principal of The College of Islamics, Aligarh, India.

Following this initial enterprise a string of classics on Islam were reprinted. First came “The Sources of Islam“, written by the missionary scholar Dr. St. Clair-Tisdall, master of five languages. Then came the reprinting of two of the unobtainable works of the greatest of all western missionary scholars on Islam, Dr. Samuel Zwemer; “The Muslim Doctrine of God” and “The Muslim Christ” It was Dr. Zwemer who in 1915 presented his famous call to the missionary gathering at Keswick which resulted in the launch of the formation of the F.F.M. (Fellowship of Faith for Muslims).

“The Message for Muslims Trust was formerly made a Charitable Trust on January 7th 1985. The present trustees and supporters continue the objectives laid down by the founders and are Bible-believing Evangelical Christians wholly committed to full-time mission to Muslims.

10 Responses to “About Us”

  • Tomasz:

    Allah is as fundamental as Time and Gravity and Evolution.
    Man wants to understand himself and his role.
    Man, when he does not understand how he or Allah works, makes up all manner of fantasy, to fill in the gap in his knowledge.
    Man when he understands that he can control the efforts of others by pandering to fantasy and superstition, creates religions.
    All religions are man made.
    All scripture is just misguided rambling.
    It does not matter what we believe, it matters what we do.

    Let those who have ears…..

    • admin:

      You say “It does not matter what we believe, it matters what we do” but we would suggest the reverse, that it is very important what you believe because it directly affects what you do, either consciously or unconsciously. You will be aware that the views you expouse were most notably expressed by Karl Marx who wrote “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of men, is a demand for their real happinees.” and again “Religion is just the imaginary sun which seems to man to revolve around him, until he realises that he himself is the centre of his own revolution.” In the wake of such thinking there developed various horrendous historical repressive atheistic regimes which thankfully nowdays, most athiests are repelled by.

      It would take far to long to give a definitive answer to your allegations that religion is based on superstition, fantasy and a misguided rambling scripture. It is interesting that you end with the words that Jesus used “Let those who have ears …..” This formula was often used by Jesus Christ as a metaphorical description of, and a challenge to spiritual sensitivity to the claims of the gospel. We look forward to hearing any further brief comments you may wish to make.

  • Amir:

    As you requested, let me be specific in my questions.

    1. Quote from Qu’ran where it is written that Allah began the creation of mankind
    with Adam and Adam only.

    2. Quote from the Qu’ran where it is written that Allah created Adam without father
    and mother.

    3. Quote from the Qu’ran where it is written that Allah created Eve from a rib-bone
    of Adam.

    I know Arabic, so just quote Qu’ran chapter and verse. No English, no translation. No
    explanation. No Hadith. No Tafsir.

    Thank you.

  • Amir:

    There Is Only One God,The Almighty. His method of dealing with his creation is consistent. Man begets man and the Almighty God has no begotten a son.’The Messiah Jesus(Isa, Yeshuah) was the descendant of King David.The Messiah Jesus(Isa, Yeshuah) was begotten of a woman and a man. The Qu’ran and Bible point out that the fact that Jesus(Isa)had a father who is known as John (Yahya, Yochanan, Hanna, Yuhannaa). To whom the word of God came. ……….. May Allah guide us in the right path,as He guide those before us.Ameen.

    • admin:

      The correspondent has sent a four A4 page article but quite what he is trying to say is difficult to grasp. Perhaps, I’m wrong but in Biblical support of his argument that John the Baptist was Jesus’father he suggests that ‘the Word of God came unto John’ (Luke 3:2) means Jesus, John’s son came to him while he was in the desert. He also quotes Psalms 82:6 and John 10:35. He also challenges the Yusif Ali’s translation of the Quran favouring Quran that of Arthur J. Arberry translation of Surah 19:17-19 making 16 points concluding that Jesus’ father was Yahya.

      The correspondent is quite correct that the New Testament teaches that the Messiah descended from the line of King David and that he was begotten of Mary but ignores the constant teaching that his filial relationship with God, his divine sonship, was the basis for the ministry of Jesus. This is the problem when one concentrates on one aspect of the person of Christ while ignoring other aspects.

  • Amr:

    As salaam, may peace be with you,

    I believe you are very confused regarding the teachings of Islam and the Qur’an, therefore I would like to ask you to directly ask me the exact points in Islam or anything regarding Islam that displease you or confuse you and hopefully you may be guided to the true path to God and I do want to also state that you used a quote from the quran which took it out of its context regarding the Awliyaa of Muslims and Christians; all Muslims fully acknowledge Jesus, may peace and blessings be upon him, was a true prophet, as well as Moses, Joseph and all descendant of Prophet Abraham. It was a CHRISTIAN king who helped our prophet and this is well known to all Muslims of knowledge, therefore any hatred or enmity people had said about Islam towards the Christians and Jews, IS COMPLETELY FALSE.

    • admin:

      Hello Amr

      Thank you for visiting our web-site recently and sending us an e-mail. Perhaps you would like to explain our confusion and errors and then we will be able to discuss matters together. May I suggest that you only take one subject at a time otherwise the e-mail will just be too long.

      We are aware that the Christian King of Abyssinnia, the Negus, sheltered the small group of early Muslims who were being troubled by the Meccan idolaters. I agree with you this was a very kind act and Christians have always held out the hand of friendship through acts of kindness and conversation to Muslims. The enmity between the Muslim Jew and Christian came later – perhaps you would like to discuss this? I am in your hands as to what subject you would like to bring up and you will need to be aware that where possible I will commend you to consider Jesus Christ as found in the Holy Scriptures.

  • Jezo:

    You too, I guess, have done a typo in your comment, by writing “God” and not “god”, and the exact way to write it would be as follows:

    “I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship, but God (Allah) and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.”

  • Zeynep:

    You too, have done a typo in your comment, and I am more than sure that you also have meant to give the proper correction of “There is no God BUT GOD…” and that would exactly be as follows:

    “I bear witness that there is no God, but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger”

  • EssEm:

    You have an important mistake –a typo– in your section on The Muslim Doctrine of God.

    “The whole system of Muslim theology, philosophy and religious life is summed up in seven words: La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah – “THERE IS NO GOD and Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle” – on these two phrases hang all the laws and teachings and morals of Islam.”

    I am sure you meant to write “There is no God BUT GOD…”

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