The one message for the Muslim world and for each individual Muslim is Jesus Christ. Their knowledge of Him is so inadequate, so distorted, so insufficient, and so utterly obscured by the glory of their own prophet, that we can only use this knowledge as a stepping-stone to higher things. The Muslim needs the knowledge of Christ, and can only be saved through Christ. He needs to be taught Christianity and brought into the light of Bible truth. He needs to recognise the dangerous errors of his religion and turn to Christianity as the true light from heaven. He needs to take a radically different and essentially new attitude towards Christ. He needs spiritual regeneration and moral reformation. In one word, he needs the Gospel.

While missionary work in some Muslim lands for political or other reasons is formidable, and while the access to the individual Muslim heart is also beset with baffling obstacles, this does not turn away our responsibility or our privilege. The great problems of the Incarnation, the deity of Christ, and the Trinity are great stumbling-blocks not only to the Muslim, but they are the very problems over which Christianity herself has pondered with amazement and awe, and with reference to which there have been divisions in the church herself; but these unfathomable mysteries are the very heart of our religion. Without them Christianity is not differentiated from other faiths or philosophies.


When we preach Christ to Muslims who know of Jesus we are presenting to them the one thing lacking in their faith and the one unfulfilled desire in their lives. If the cross of Christ is the missing link in their creed, then the preaching of the cross, although foolishness, will yet prove amongst Muslims the wisdom and the power of God. Just because Islam is the antithesis to the thesis of Christianity, a synthesis is possible, not by a compromise between Islam and Christianity, but by bringing to clear expression the many common features that still remain, and that by showing how these common features are found in a truer form in Christianity than in Islam.

Of all the common features on which we can seize as a point of vital contact with Muslims there is none superior to the fact of Christ. Islam accepts His coming, His supernatural birth, His high office as the bringer of a special revelation from God, His sinlessness, His compassion and His power to work miracles. By admitting the truths which we hold in common with Muslims, and by inviting them to look away from their broken lights and flickering shadows to the “true light which enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world,” we can best of all help Muslims.

Just as the Muslim conception of God is base, unholy, and to the Christian utterly repugnant, yet Islam’s theism is a foundation on which we can build a fuller knowledge of the Godhead, of His holiness, justice and love; so Muslims who know Jesus as a mere prophet will for this very reason welcome a larger knowledge of His character, and be led from the Quran caricature to the Gospel portrait. Our preaching should be constructive, and in this way it will most surely be destructive. We can break down false ideas of God and of Christ in Muslim theology most surely and most speedily by full proclamation of those very truths which Islam lacks. Without denying the fact that Islam is in its spirit anti-Christian, that it contains much that is positively harmful in ethics, and that it is wholly deficient in those doctrines which are the very heart of Christianity, we nevertheless admit that the acceptance of the Old Testament prophets, the peculiar honours paid to our Lord, and the testimony of the sacred scriptures found in the Quran, are important preparatory elements in spite of many denials.


The Christian should first of all thoroughly know the religion of the people among whom he labours; ignorance of the Quran, the traditions, the life of Muhammad, the Muslim conception of Christ, social beliefs and prejudices of Muslims, which are the result of their religion – ignorance of these is the chief difficulty in work for Muslims. He should cultivate sympathy to the highest degree and an appreciation of all the great fundamental truths which we hold in common with Muslims. He should show the superiority of Christianity both in doctrine and life by admitting the excellencies of doctrine and life in Islam, but showing immediately how Christianity far surpasses them.

Many Muslims are at heart dissatisfied with Muhammad as an ideal of character. In spite of late tradition, the bold outline of his life and character as shown in the Quran stands out and perplexes them. The inconsistencies of his conduct are not taken away by the whitewash of tradition. His relations to women especially present a moral difficulty to many Muslims who are beginning to think in higher terms of ethics. Therefore, while the Christian should be careful not to offend needlessly, he should boldly challenge a comparison between the life of Muhammad and the life of Jesus Christ, even as known to Muslims from their own books. Compromise in this regard will not win the respect of Muslims. They glorify their prophet, why should we not glorify ours? A loving and yet bold presentation of the distinctive truths of our religion and of the surpassing grandeur and beauty of the character of Jesus Christ will never alienate a Muslim heart.

The heart of the Gospel and that which possess the greatest power of appeal to Muslims, as to every sinner, is the union between God’s mercy and God’s justice manifested in the cross of Christ. When properly presented, this doctrine is not absolutely novel but compelling to any Muslim who feels a sense of sin. In order to awaken a sense of sin, which is essential in all missionary activity, the ethical standards of the Sermon on the Mount and the spotless purity of the life of Christ must be presented. It is not always wise at first to compare Muhammad and Christ. If we present the Christ as He is in the Gospel, the contrast is so evident that the comparison is made by the Muslim himself.

We should ask every sincere Muslim inquirer to study the Gospel story and try for himself to reach a true estimate of Jesus Christ, of whom Muhammad spoke in such high terms of honour as a prophet and an Apostle of God; to take the historical foundations of the Christian religion and examine them as critically as he pleases, and to see for himself what Jesus claimed to be, and how His claims were understood by His disciples and by the early church.

We should ask Muslims to study the Gospel in any way they like, but with only one object in view, namely, that they may come face to face with Jesus Himself; that they may learn to know Him, and see how He claimed to hold a supreme position in the matter of the attitude of all men toward God, a position which none other has ever claimed. In other words, we should press home the question Jesus Himself put to His disciples and to the world, “What do ye think of Christ?”

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  • Kennedy:

    I have been enjoying conversation on this forum. Is this forum still on? God bless you all in Jesus name.

    • admin:

      We try and give a full response to all those who raise issues and questions. These will, God-willing, be ongoing and the term forum may in fact be a suitable one for the engagements we experience. Thank you.

  • Dennis:

    Praise God all my brother’s.Hope your all fine, alive, healthy and blessed. My question goes to my Muslims brothers… where did your prophet Muhammad performed miracles, by healing people, bring dead people to life again? And my other question how many times is your prophet Muhammad been mentioned in your Quran compared to our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ?

  • Collins:

    Your acquaintances who are utterly averse to spiritual things, are not refined, ennobled, and elevated by the practice of the truth. They are not under the leadership of Christ, but under the black banner of the prince of darkness. To associate with those who neither fear nor love God—unless you associate with them for the purpose of winning them to Jesus—will be a detriment to your spirituality.

    • admin:

      “Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? (1 John 5:1-4)

  • Wisdom:

    Muslims are our lost brothers. God give us Nigeria.

  • Peace be upon those who follow True guidance by opening there hearts to Allah the Lord of Christ the Messiah son of Mary. I have read your page thank you so much. Now I know how you work by associated partners with God and disobeying the 1st command which Christ came to fullfill and not change. You prey on those who are weak in faith and do not know The Love and Mercy of Allah in Islam. You in fact are agents of the anti-christ by making people worship a white man with a sun placed behind his head and worshipping the sun god on Sunday hence going back to sun worshippers of the Romans or sun worshippers of Babylon and the Pharaohs. Christ will come back and destroy the anti Christ the cross the pig and remove interest, and us Muslims will be behind the Messiah son of Mary to victory, and to peace.

    • admin:

      Christians have never associated partners with God on the contrary, they have upheld and inherited the Old Testament monotheism teaching that the Lord is one God. What the Bible does teach is that “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself,” that is, the one transcendent God has brought about salvation to mankind through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The teaching of the anti-Christ comes out foremost in the writings of the Apostle John where he turns his attention to the many anti-Christ’s who have come denying the true nature of God the Father and the Son (1 John 2:18,22; 4:3). It is here that Islam has fallen into dangerous territory and have developed fanciful teachings from the ahadith.
      The Bible has always demonstrated that the sun was created along with other astral matter in the firmament. They are seen as expressions of the glory of God, but their worship along with all created elements is condemned in the Bible. The early Christian community had a strong aversion to idolatry which would preclude them from adapting anything linked with false pagan deities. Sun theology developed through a mixture of Stoic philosophy and popular astrology. The pagan solar religion introduced by Caesar and Augustus encouraged sun festivals but it was largely confined to the educated elite. Interestingly, the last pagan Roman emperor Julian made the worship of Helios (the sun) the religious focus of his philosophy in an effort to revive paganism against Christianity. Christian’s chose to worship on a Sunday as it was the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

  • Abbah:

    May peace and the blessing of Allah be on all of you. My 1st question is can any one tell me in any verse of the bible the WORD BIBLE INSIDE THE BIBLE please.

    • admin:

      The word Bible is not found in the Bible. It comes through Latin from the Greek word ‘biblia’ which means books. The books are the canonical books acknowledged by the Christian Church. The earliest known use of ‘the books’ (‘ta biblia’ – The Bible) is said to be found in 2 Clement 16:2 around AD 150. The word scriptures conveys the same idea as the Bible and is found in such places as the Gospel of Matthew “Did you never read in the scriptures” (Matthew 21:42),and such verses as “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures.”(2Timothy 3:15)

  • I great all of you and God bless you for being part of this group to proclaim the Gospel message across the world. I know and believe that blessing shall sure come from the good Lord. And Mr Admin God bless you, for the passion you have to evangelize to our fellow Muslim, infact I am learning a lot from you. Also I want to tell the Christians who are part of this group to be patient for the Muslims because they know little about the truth and I know this group will surely fulfil it purpose. God bless you all.

    • admin:

      Thank you for your kind words. May God bless you also in your witness, church and family life and personal life. I hope this web-site will continue to be a blessing to you.

  • Simon Peter:

    Could you send some more articles that would help me to minister to my Muslim friends Thanks

    • admin:

      You may find it helpful to buy some tracts from to give to Muslims, otherwise please take a look at our large range of resources on this site which should be helpful in sharing the gospel with your Muslim friends.

  • Richard:

    Hello I thank God for this website and I did notice that 90% of the Muslims I talk to always bring up the fact that the Bible has been changed. Although they say we have 1,000’s of versions many of them are just different translation. Most of them have the same idea but different words. English has changed over the years and many American’s have complained that the Bible “is difficult to read and understand with the old language”. For instance the Bible used to say Ye and thy, thou, and other words that are difficult or no longer used today. IT upsets me but if the author of this page could come up with some common responses for “The Bible has been changed but the Quran has not,” or some things like “Jesus is a Prophet”, Although I have heard and am not sure if it is true that Jesus will return to judge the world even in the Quran, is this true?

    • admin:

      May I suggest that when talking with your Muslim friends you do not engage on the subject that the Quran has been changed (for your own information please look at our section on the Quran to get a good grasp of the subject). We are here share the gospel with Muslims and this involves defending the truth please look at our apologetic section and under the ‘Authenticity of the Bible’ you will find material about has the Bible been changed? Islam does teach the Isa will return but the Quran has only one verse about this subject and it is veiled in mystery. Please look at the ‘Muslim Doctrines’ section and you will see some information about Islam’s thinking of the last times. I hope to be updating the subject of Muslim eschatology soon.



  • ali hassan:

    is there is anybody whom i can talk to?

    • admin:

      Hello Ali – We are very happy to speak with you so that we can talk to you about the Christian faith in more detail. Please contact us again and we will contact each other through our personal e-mails.

  • ali hassan:

    I am not good at English, I am here to know about Jesus Christ ( Hazarat eisa )

    • admin:

      Perhaps you could give me some more information about yourself and what your mother tongue is and then we could try and get you in touch with someone who can speak your language.

  • yusuf:

    We the Muslims are not allowed to talk bad things about the bible although this website makes the Muslims believe bad. As in fact we believe the same but whereas the Bible has been changed by humans the Quran wasn’t. Many Christian scholars agree on this. The Quran could not be changed in 1400 years this is also agreed by many non muslims around the world highly educated people.

    • admin:

      The purpose of the web-site is to share the Gospel with Muslim people and not to find holes in Islam. However, whenever a Christian wishes to explain the teaching of the Bible to a Muslim he/she always meets an objection of some kind, that is why we are obligated to look at the Quran and in doing so we find its many deficiencies. You yourself, in your comment, rather that looking at the teaching and content of the Bible prefer to fall back on an unsubstantiated claim that the Bible has been changed.

  • yusuf:

    And what this website is telling is not truth about the Islam> If you don’t accept Islam then you are not a Christian in the first place .

    • admin:

      Perhaps you could tell us what aspects of Islam we are not portraying as correct? A Christian is someone who believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God and came from heaven to bare the sins of the whole world. I think you will find that this teaching is abhorrent to Islam therefore, Christianity has no dependence on Islam.

  • yusuf:

    We Muslims believe in the Bible. If being a Christian means to follow the commandments of Jesus Christ then they would not eat pork; most Christians eat pork, but most of the Muslims don’t. The bible said do not drink alcohol but most Christians drink alcohol most of the Muslims dont etc etc. Jesus may peace be upon him… has been circumsized Muslims too. Jesus prayed with his head on the ground Muslims too. Maria had her head covered muslim women mostly do that also… etc etc.. So if you you say I love Jesus but don’t follow his commandments and do his teachings then your love is false. We Muslims are more Christian then the Christians themselves and we love Jesus(may peace be upon him) more then Christians because we do what he have told us and we respect him more then the most Christians. Jesus told us to believe in the last prophet in the gospel of John chapter 16 verse 11/14 read it and understand what is said…. he was talking about prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him).

    • admin:

      You may well “believe in the Bible” but have you ever read it? Jesus belonged to the Jewish covenant and therefore was circumcised, and did not eat pork, the terms of this covenant were not imposed on Gentile believers. Jesus would pray in the formal manner of a Jew although that was not always the case; Miriam would have had her head covered according to Jewish convention. The Bible does not state that believers should not drink alcohol. There is no mention of Muhammad in the Bible, please see our article ‘Muhammad in the Bible?’ If you took time to read the Gospels for yourself and not depend upon what others tell you, you will find Christians are following his commandments and his teachings.

  • Chris G:

    Hello. I want to tell that person who said that Jesus is just a prophet something. I am Christian. I have a friend who is a Muslim. He told me that Muslims can go to heaven if their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds. This is incorrect because it says in scripture that if we sin we will go to hell. The only way for people to go to heaven was to sacrifice something to take their sins away. But they had to keep doing it. Later on Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice. He did not sin at all so he could wash away our sins for good, only if we believe in him and ask for forgivenes

    • admin:

      The Old Testament and the New are in agreement that sin is such a dreadful thing that atonement is necessary. Sadly Islam leaves out this aspect substituting it as you correctly say with salvation through good works.

  • Anonymous:

    If you say that muslims should be turning to the bible, then why does it say in the bible that was Written 350 years after Jesus(may peace be upon him) that he said himself. There will be a prophet after me and he is great and lovely,.. Muhammad(may peace be upon him) his name means great and lovely. It also says in the bible which means library since it is many books in one including the tora, that moses ( may peace be upon him) and Jesus( may peace be upon him) and many other prophets bent down and prayed to God with their faces facing the ground. Only Muslims do this and if you could ask Jesus( may peace be upon him) what his religion was he would say submission to God which is the translation of Islam. The religion and name Christianity didn’t come until 300 years after Christ by inspired people.

    • admin:

      It is odd that you don’t like the idea of Muslims ‘turning to the Bible’ yet then immediately yourself turn to the Bible to try and support your argument.
      1) The New Testament was completed about 100 AD with the majority of its writings in existence twenty to forty years before this; to suggest they were written “350 years after Jesus” is misleading. 2) “There will be a prophet after me and he is great and lovely” — Here you are compounding two unrelated texts, one an Old Testament (Song of Solomon 5:16) verse with a New Testament verse (John 16:13), the former refers to affections expressed between a man and a woman while in the second Jesus is assuring his disciples that after his return to heaven the Holy Spirit will come to be with them as another guide into all truth. To equate this with the person of Muhammad is a poor exegesis of scripture. 3)“with their faces facing the ground” – Christians follow the example and teaching of Jesus in respect to prayer. When Jesus addressed God he called him Father. Luke 22:4 tells us that “he kneeled down and prayed.” This typical Christian prayerful action expresses both humility and communion with God. Prostration expresses submission as a slave/servant before an oriental king. There are many instances when Christians, in the presence of God fall down in worship, but they are not accompanied by the salat required by Muhammad which developed into a legalised prayer system in Islam. 4)“The religion and name Christianity didn’t come until 300 years after Christ by inspired people.” – the first recorded use of the term Christian and by default Christianity is in Acts 11:26 written around 64 AD.

      • Mike:

        Sir, you have spoken well. I just want to add this. What Jesus promised was Holy Spirit which descended upon the apostles on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-10. It happened 10days after the ascension. Mohammad was born about 570 years after Jesus. It is humanly impossible for any of the 12 disciples to witness to Mohammed, let alone be comforted or instructed by him. There is no reference to the person of Mohammed in the Bible.

  • alan:

    Almost impossible to win over Muslims without Christ’s intervention because if we teach of a Jesus they do not know they say it’s errors in the bible! That ends any viable conversation!

  • 52 Muslim Youth Gave Their Life To Christ After Reading One Of Your Book

  • JOEL:

    HEy bless His nname may he abundantly give u the power to beHis witness to the other muslims .can you give me some scripture for evagilising my muslim frend

    • admin:

      “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:23-24)

  • Mary:

    I have been asked by God to talk to a muslim colleague about Christ but I fino. d itdifficlt doing sWhat advice do u have for me

    • admin:

      It is good to have such an opportunity. In a working environment it is good that your Muslim colleague can see that you are living out what you believe. Unlike most westerners Muslims have no inhibitions about talking about matters of religion so when you have opportunity begin by asking him what he things about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ in particular. You may think this approach is a bit abrupt but he/she may welcome the opportunity about talking about religious matters when mostly conversation surrounds secular issues.

  • Hi,
    May Jesus bless you. Can you tell how and why you accepted Jesus. I know little arabic…

  • Ismail Said Awadh:

    My name is Ismail said Awadh, from Nairobi Kenya.
    I was born a muslim, but 2006 i riceived Jesus. I am not good at English, i am speak Arabic very well, i started to learn English last year. Please pray for me, becuese i was an imam for 12 year and six month. God bless your in Jesus name.

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