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  • dont want to say:

    I’m in secondary school and I’m trying to preach to my Muslim friend and I don’t know how. When I try to talk to her she backs up her points with how God did not write the bible or something like that. Also how can I preach when I feel disconnected from God like how much I try I just don’t feel close to HIM and it just makes me feel worthless and I feel like if God comes now like …. feel like crying ……..

    • admin:

      It is great that you want to share your faith with others and we encourage you to continue in your efforts. You must not be alarmed when your Muslim friend seeks to be-little your faith and testimony. May we suggest that when you are faced with questions you find difficult to answer tell the person who asked that you will come back to them after you have done more research. (There is helpful material on this web-site and of course on other Christian sites). No doubt when you have found a satisfactory answer and given your response another objection will be placed before you and you may have to repeat the process yet through this method you will be learning more about Islam and becoming more confident about dealing with these problems. Be assured there are answers to all Muslim objections it just takes time to develop your understanding. Not being able to respond to others adequately sometimes makes you feel inadequate and worthless and can, if you are not careful, have a negative affect on your spiritual walk with God. The most important thing is to develop your personal quiet time with God, tell Him of the difficulties you experience, and in due time you will have that assurance that God is with you. We have all been where you are now. If you wish to write again I can send you a personal e-mail without putting this information on this site.

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