The Quran’s testimony that Muhammad performed no miracles

The Hadith records marvellous tales of miracles shown by the Prophet, such as causing water to flow from between his fingers, satisfying multitudes from a little food, etc, but they can be regarded as absolutely worthless because had there been any single miracle of the kind, it would certainly have been mentioned in the Quran. On the contrary in the Quran where Muhammad was asked to perform a miracle he  repeatedly says that he was sent with none, and gives the reason. When the Hadith are at variance with the Quran, the honest believer must reject the Hadith and accept the Quran.

Here we look at six verses from the Quran which show that Muhammad did not produce any miracles. They are given in the order they appear in the Quran and not according to importance. A short explanation of each verse will be given to help the reader understand the background and context of each verse.


  • “They say,” why hath not a sign been sent down unto him from his Lord?” SAY, “Verily God is able to send down a sign, but the greater part of them do not understand.” (Al-Inam 6:37)

Muslim Commentators say that the objection in the text raised against the Prophet by the unbelievers was that if the Quran had been sent by God, his mission would have been attested by miracles. The answer given is that God has indeed sent down a sign in the Quran, itself a miracle and that therefore it would be impious to demand more from Allah. But surely the Qurraish were not to be blamed because they demanded of Muhammad a sign like to the signs shown by the prophets of old. The answer that Muhammad gave, “Verily, God is able to send down a sign,” was no answer at all. He gave signs to the prophets of old, as Moses and Jesus; and so if Muhammad is as one of them then he should be able to show similar signs so they could believe.

It is clear that the people did not recognise the Quran to be a miracle otherwise they would have been satisfied. Muhammad could have merely asserted “Here is the Quran” and all further demands would have been stilled. The prophet’s opponents were well acquainted with the wonderful Arabic compositions of their poets, and orators such as Imrul Cays, Nabigha, Coss, etc but they never regarded them as miracles nor did they consider the Quran as a miracle. But even if the Quran had really been a miracle why should not Muhammad have shown other miracles like raising the dead or dividing the sea? It was after all a very reasonable request, for the Prophet came with a new faith differing from that of Bani Israel, and the Christians, and the religion of the country and their refusal to accept this new religion without some miracle like those of the old prophets is proof of their sagacity and sincerity rather an unreasonable obstinacy of which they are normally accused.


  • And when thou dost not show unto them a sign, they say, “Why hast thou avoided to bring it?” SAY, “Verily, I follow that only wherewith the Lord hath inspired me.” This (revelation) is a witness from your Lord, a guide and a mercy to the people that believe. (Al Araf 7:204)

Muslim commentators say the Arabs demanded from Muhammad a sign from heaven in proof of his mission; to which he replied, that failure to show a miracle, as they demanded of him, was a groundless accusation, seeing that the Quran itself was a clear and infallible miracle, one sufficient to prove his mission; and that such being the case, the call for anything further was an unwarrantable and profane demand. Yet, the Arabs in all sincerity continued to ask for a sign in proof of his ministry because they did not recognise the Quran as a miracle. Amongst themselves they believed that Muhammad was avoiding their request and his answer that he only followed that which was revealed to him by his Lord was truly unsatisfactory.


  • “The unbelievers say, “Why hath not a sign been given by his Lord? Nay, but thou art only a Warner; and unto every people there hath been given a guide.” (Al Ra’d 13:8)

Muslim Commentators say that when the Arabs demanded such miracles as those of Moses and Jesus, Muhammad was told that he was sent as a Warner, a guide and preacher just as those who had been sent to every people before him. The miracles given by the prophets in the past were based on the special circumstances of each people. They say that magic or sorcery was in the ascendancy in the days of Moses and so fitting miracles were given in the court of Pharaoh to show that Moses was truly a prophet of God. Likewise, at the time of Jesus, the healing arts were being practised and so Jesus performed exceptional miracles such as raising the dead, curing the leper and the blind, to show that he also was truly a prophet of God. For the same reason, as beauty of composition was the distinguishing feature of the prophet’s time, the miracle given to him was the wondrous Quran; and so if the Arabs would not believe, notwithstanding that this miracle was specially designed for them, it is clear that they would not have been convinced by any other kind of miracle. Yet there is not a hint in the text, of the Quran being a miracle, and it simply states that the Prophet is nothing more than a Warner and that his duty is only to preach.

The comparison between the miracles of Moses and Jesus is equally wide of the mark of the text. For, although Moses had to contend with the ‘magicians of Egypt’ (Exodus 7:11) many of Moses’ signs had nothing to do with magic such as the death of the Egyptians’ first-born, the destruction of Pharaoh’s army, and the issuing of water from the rock. And so also many of Jesus’ miracles had no reference to the healing art for example the feeding of multitudes from a few loaves, and walking on the water, according to the Gospel or the creation of a bird from clay, and descent of the table from heaven, according to the Quran.

Again, the Arabs had no such special claim to eloquence and literary power that their miracle should lie in that direction. Every nation has its own form of eloquence, suited to its taste and language; take, for example, the models of the Jews and Greeks, as is manifest from their wonderful writings in our hands. And if there was neither magic nor the art of healing amongst the Arabs, they certainly were not wanting in intelligence and quick apprehension, and as such equally entitled with the Egyptians and Israelites to expect miracles, and equally qualified to judge them. Indeed, as the mission of Moses and Jesus was established by miracles, it was a fortiori incumbent on Muhammad, who sought to introduce a religion differing from theirs, and more wonderful. How, then, are those to be blamed who, when he failed to show such, refused to admit his claims or believe in his mission?


  • “And nothing hindered Us from sending (thee) with miracles, but that those of old time gave them the lie” (Bani Israel 17:58).

Muslim Commentators tell us that people came to Muhammad saying that the prophets of old showed miracles and they expected him to perform similar miracles so that they could believe. The reply given here signifies that such miracles were shown to the people of old and because they rejected the signs and continued in infidelity they were destroyed. The reason therefore for Muhammad not giving miracles was that it was the goodness and mercy of Allah with-holding their request lest they reject the clear signs and perish. We do not know where the Muslim Commentators got this notion from of people being destroyed for rejecting miracles. The Egyptians were not exterminated; some were destroyed, but only some. So with the Bani Israel; many a time they denied their prophets, yet they were never swept away, but remained a people, as they are to this day. It is the same with the tale of the Adites and Thamudites, even though they did disappear, it may have been because of their abounding iniquity or internecine warfare. The rise and fall of nations is the natural law of God. It is His to create and His to destroy, with a purpose beyond our finite wisdom.

Also, we know of no people to whom a prophet was sent (as were Moses and Jesus) with miracles, except that some of them believed. Now, Muhammad came without a miracle, and yet very soon a great number of the Qurraish accepted his mission, and not long after the whole city of Yathreb, also, would it possibly have been otherwise even if Allah had sent Muhammad with miracles like those of the prophets of old? If they received him without a miracle; why should they have rejected him if he had shown one? We know that Khadija accepted her husband as a prophet at the very opening of his mission, and shortly after, his cousin Ali, Abu Bakr, Uthman and Omar; and in the course of a few years the whole of Mecca, even those who had demanded miracles as the condition of believing on him. All this was known to the Almighty beforehand; how then can it be said that God withheld miracles, knowing that, if granted, the Qurraish would belive them, as did the nations of old? Shall words be attributed to the most High inconsistent with His foreknowledge? God forbid!


  • “They say, “Why hath not a sign been sent down unto him from his Lord?” SAY, “Signs belong unto the Lord: and as for me, I am but a plain preacher.” (Al Ankabut 29:48)

The text shows, that instead of coming with signs, Muhammad professed to be simply a preacher, warning the people of future punishment; an excellent office done by others as well as by apostles and prophets, out of love for their people’s welfare. Miracles are said not to be a necessary condition of a divine mission. True; there have been prophets, like Jeremiah and Jonah, sent of God without signs. But no prophet, commissioned to deliver a law, came unsupported by miracles and signs; and Muhammad set himself not only to deliver a law, but to cancel an existing dispensation founded upon miracles. It was therefore all the more incumbent on him to have supported his claim by miracles, even greater and more numerous than those of the former lawgivers.


  • What? Doth it not suffice them that I have sent down unto thee the Book which is recited unto them?” (Al Ankabut 29:49)

Muslim Commentators because of the absence of miracles from the hand of Muhammad in the Quran state that further miracles were unnecessary because one had already appeared, namely the Quran. According to Beidhawi: the Quran is a miracle, better than any they have demanded; for its perusal is a continuing sign that shall not pass away, but shall remain with them forever. But once again we notice that in this text there is nothing implying (as the Commentators say) that the Quran is a miracle. So far from its appearing as a miracle, the people did not even accept it as a revelation, for they said: “Surely this is a story which he hath fabricated with the aid of strangers” (Al Furcan 24:4)

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  • Anthony:

    there is nothing in Salmans list of special miraculous knowledge of science that proves the Quran is God given that would not have been written by most scholars and scientists at the time of Mohammed. Most believed that the planets and sun and moon traveled in orbits ( does the Quran say these orbits were around the Sun or that the Earth orbits the Sun? Did people of those days not notice rain coming from clouds? did they not notice some water was salty and some was not. This attempt to imply meanings retrospectively to the Quran and try and find anything in the Quran than can be twisted squeezed to sound like scientific facts that wouldn’t be known at the time is even more tiresome than those attempts to link vague writings by nostrums to historical facts to prove them prophetic.

  • Isa Muslim:


    Indeed Mohammed didn’t perform any miracle because THE QURAN is the miracle itself.
    Early muslims weren’t satisfied with it, and invented splitting of the moon, isra and miraj etc. and they ended up in the Quran.
    The Quran is a miracle, it is scientifically accurate everywhere.

    • admin:

      Its really great that in this generation many Muslims are acknowledging that Muhammad did not perform miracles. This is a great step forward and perhaps more clarity will become evident in the Muslim approach to the Quran.

      There are many mistakes in the Quran in connection with its relating biblical events concerning the lives of Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Moses which represent a gross misunderstanding obtained by Muhammad on hearsay knowledge. We could discuss the secular mistakes should you wish to do so.

      Ali Dashti (died 1982), an Iranian politician and rationalist, like yourself, strongly denied the miracles ascribed to Muhammad but unlike yourself, also rejected the view that the Quran was a perfect revelation. He commented “The Quran contains sentences which are incomplete and not fully intelligible without the aid of commentaries; foreign words, unfamiliar Arabic words, and words used with other than the normal meaning …………………… To sum up, more than one hundred Quranic aberrations from the normal rules and structures have been noted.”

      Perhaps you could tell us in which way you consider the Quran to be a miracle, when clearly its literary style and muddled biblical understanding do not help such an assertion.

  • Qui Creva:

    When you read the Qur’an it is quite obvious that Muhammad was no miracle-worker. Try pointing this out to the typical Muslim, however! He/she will reject your evidence immediately, citing endless verses from the hadith collections or the siras to “prove” that Muhammad could work miracles. Yet these same Muslims will automatically reject as “weak” any hadith that depicts Muhammad or Islam in a bad light. Moreover, they will suddenly become Qur’an only believers at that point, telling you that the ahadith were written down long after Muhammad died, and thus are not as trustworthy as the Qur’an.

    Talk about having your cake and eating it too! Sorry Muslims, but that just won’t work. If the Qur’an is trustworthy, then Muhammad performed no miracles. On the other hand, if we are to believe the hadith compilers rather than the Qur’an on this one issue, then Islam collapses. The entire religion is based upon the idea that the Qur’an is a direct revelation from God, and thus perfect.

    • admin:

      We are in absolute agreement with you, thank you for these comments. We look forward to you making other comments on other issues as you feel appropriate.

  • Logia:

    Muhammad(saw) did no miracles other than the Quran.

    The split moon is a SIGN before the day of Judgement and even then unbelievers will reject Allah… Just like those who saw Jesus performing miracles and rejected him…

    The biggest sign of Islam is that with no miracle at all, Islam gives the peace of Heart and Mind for millions of humans around the world…

    • admin:

      Thank you for expressing your view that the split moon is a sign of judgement rather than a miracle performed by Muhammad. Despite what you say of Islam giving peace of mind and heart it gives no assurance that past sins are forgiven and so life is passed by wondering whether good deeds will excel the bad. This fear of uncertainty is a great concern to many Muslims unlike the good news of the gospel which states “And this is the record that God has given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son” (1John 5:11). Unlike your Islam, that has no miracle, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven, this is the miracle that was accepted by his earliest followers and is the basis of the faith of Christians today.

  • Mohammad never brought a dead person back to life. Because Mohammad was a prophet, God’s creation, and he didn’t have the power to give people the gift of life.

    Jesus brought many dead people back to life. Jesus resurrected Himself. Jesus is the Son of God, not created but begotten.

    Gospel by Apostle Matthew, Chapter 12, verse 33
    33 Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

    • Sami:

      The word “begotten” has been removed from revised standard edition of the Bible. Enjoy!

      • admin:

        Yes you are correct but the Greek word ‘monogene’ remains unchanged in all the Greek manuscripts. This has been translated in various ways by English Bible translators from ‘begotten’ to ‘one and only’ – perhaps you may prefer the text that Jesus is the one and only Son and those who do not believe on him will perish and not have eternal life (John 3:16). Perhaps you too can enjoy reading the gospels with their truth regarding Jesus Christ.

  • salman:

    ok as u want the scientific proves, here is the translation of many verses of Quran with reference of chapter. mentioning the water cycle, sun and rotating in their own orbits, two water with a barrier, about the Bees.

    Chapter 21
    30. Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them, and we made every living thing of water ? Will they not then believe ?

    33. And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They float, each in an orbit.

    Chapter 36
    38. And the sun runs on its fixed course for a term (appointed). That is the Decree of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.

    40. It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit.

    CHapter 39
    21. See you not, that Allâh sends down water (rain) from the sky, and causes it to penetrate the earth, (and then makes it to spring up) as water-springs and afterward thereby produces crops of different colours, and afterward they wither and you see them turn yellow, then He makes them dry and broken pieces. Verily, in this, is a Reminder for men of understanding.

    Chapter 30
    24. And among His Signs is that He shows you the lightning, by way of fear and hope, and He sends down water (rain) from the sky, and therewith revives the earth after its death. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who understand.

    Chapter 23
    18. And We sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and We gave it lodging in the earth, and verily, We are Able to take it away.

    Chapter 86
    By the sky (having rain clouds) which gives rain, again and again.

    Chapter 15
    22. And We send the winds fertilizing (to fill heavily the clouds with water), then caused the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We gave it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores [i.e. to give water to whom you like or to withhold it from whom you like].

    Chapter 24
    43. See you not that Allâh drives the clouds gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap of layers, and you see the rain comes forth from between them. And He sends down from the sky hail (like) mountains, (or there are in the heaven mountains of hail from where He sends down hail), and strike therewith whom He will, and averts it from whom He wills. The vivid flash of its (clouds) lightning nearly blinds the sight.

    Chapter 30
    48. Allâh is He Who sends the winds, so they raise clouds, and spread them along the sky as He wills, and then break them into fragments, until you see rain drops come forth from their midst! Then when He has made them fall on whom of His slaves as He will, lo! they rejoice!

    Chapter 55
    19. He has let loosed the two seas (the salt water and the sweet) meeting together.
    20. Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress.

    Chapter 27
    61. Is not He (better than your gods) Who has made the earth as a fixed abode, and has placed rivers in its midst, and has placed firm mountains therein, and has set a barrier between the two seas (of salt and sweet water).Is there any ilâh (god) with Allâh? Nay, but most of them know not.

    Chapter 25
    53. And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water), one palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter, and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them.

    38. There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered


    Chapter 16
    68. And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: “Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect.
    69. “Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you).” There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think.

    here i m also sharing a link with u of a book on Islam and the Science,the above few mention by me are there in this book in detail with much more proves.

    • The miracles you mentioned are that of God not the prophet!

      • admin:

        You well may consider that the Night Journey, the moon split in half, the crying date-palm, multiplication of water and food, Muhammad’s spit etc miracles of Allah but they remain contrary to the Quran which states that he was repeatedly asked to perform a miracle and he repeatedly replied that he was sent with none. When the Hadith are at variance with the Quran, the honest Muslim believer must reject the Hadith and accept the Quran.

  • salman:

    Chapter 54
    Surah Al-Qamar

    1. The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder (the people of Makkah requested Prophet Muhammad to show them a miracle, so he showed them the splitting of the moon).

    2. And if they see a sign, they turn away, and say: “This is continuous magic.”

    there are clear signs in the Quran for those who really want to know the truth. why u did NOT notmentioned the above verse of the Quran where the splitting of Moon is Mentioned.

    those who rejected the ayats and Sgins were punish, u talk abt the Jews

    Moses send to the People of Egypt and children of Israel, when Firon ( Pharaoh) denied the messege and followed Moses and the people. he and his army was drown in the water. when the jews still after clear signs didnt accpt the truth, and every time for a new sign. like want to see God with our eyes, demanding different food than what God send to them, worshiped Calf and disobey God’s commandment to fight. they were let in the desert for 40 yrs.every time God showed mercy on the them but again they denied and disobeyed.

    how many of them were killed and taken slaves to Babylonia.

    why u forget the people of Noah ,wat happened to them when they reject the words of God?
    and many others like that.

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